If you’ve got an Android phone, you might be spending more time on the Facebook app soon. According to a report published in the the Wall Street Journal today, Google was given permission to begin crawling and indexing the social network’s Android app on Friday.

Public Facebook information, including Pages, Groups, and Events, already shows up on Google searches on a computer. So what’s changed? Now, when someone conducts a Google search on an Android smartphone (sorry iOS & Windows phone users) and clicks on a result that leads back to Facebook, they’ll be taken to the relevant page within the Facebook app. This step may help Google become the dominant search engine for mobile devices, as the promise to bring people directly to where they want to go could entice more mobile users to search via Google. Facebook, as well, hopes to benefit by having more people stay within the Facebook app after landing there from a Google search.

There’s no word on why Facebook isn’t allowing other search engines to index its mobile app, or why the function hasn’t been extended to Apple or Windows phones, but the company told Search Engine Land that it “implemented Google App Indexing as part of a desire to improve the experience for those who use its app.”