GO2SLEEP uses AI to diagnose sleep problems and improve your health

This smart sleep tracker is now 31 percent off.

Many people take a good night’s sleep for granted. But for some of us, sleep does not come easily. If you wake up tired every morning, the GO2SLEEP smart ring may be able to help. This wearable sleep tracker helps to diagnose sleep apnea and other health problems using artificial intelligence. You can get it now for $88 at the PopSci Shop.

When you wear GO2SLEEP overnight, the device collects loads of really useful data—how long you slept, how long you spent in each sleep stage, and even your body movements. The companion smartphone app then uses this information to provide personalized sleep coaching.

In addition, GO2SLEEP can actually help you to sleep better during the night. When the ring detects that your breathing is impeded, it will vibrate. The idea is that you will be just disturbed enough to turn to a better sleeping position.

This IndieGoGo success story can also unearth underlying problems and help you to start healthy habits. It’s super comfortable to wear, and the battery lasts for three nights on a single charge.

It’s normally $129, but you can grab GO2SLEEP now for $88.