Glowing Clams, UFO Clouds, And Other Amazing Images Of The Week

Plus, a long-lost tree frog

Earth With Rings Like Saturn

Flickr user Kevin Gill reimagined what the sky would look like if Earth had rings like Saturn does. He created the series of photos, which he posted on Flickr, using Photoshop and 3D-animation software Maya.

Non-Human Life in Space

Scott Kelly announced that a zinnia plant he has on board the International Space Station bloomed. The space blossom is part of NASA’s ongoing effort to understand how plants grow in microgravity, which could eventually allow astronauts to cultivate some of their own food in space.

Lost and Found

A group of researchers in India has rediscovered a tree frog specimen that has not been spotted since 1870, according to the AP. Before now, the species was assumed to have vanished.

Unidentified Flying Cloud

Altocumulus standing lenticular clouds hover in the sky, spotted from Flagstaff, Arizona. Although this UFO-esque cloud variety is fairly common in mountainous regions, this formation proved particularly beautiful, lingering in the sky through the afternoon and evening.
NASA’s Cassini spacecraft captured the stunning size discrepancy between Tethys and Janus, two of Saturn’s moons. NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute

Bahama Blues

Scott Kelly snapped this luscious aerial view of the Bahamas as part of his ongoing #EarthArt series on Twitter.

Planet Nine

Astronomers from Caltech have announced that they believe they have found evidence of a giant ninth planet in the solar system. This rendering depicts a distant view of Planet Nine.

Glowing Mollusk

Researchers at the University of California discovered that the cells giant clams use to produce iridescent white light operate in a manner that is analagous to that of electronic displays. These findings could lead to developing more energy efficient displays, one of the researchers told Gizmodo.

Let It Snow

NASA satellites captured images of the winter storm surging through the central United States.

Floating Solar Plant

A Japanese electronics manufacturer has started construction on the world’s largest floating solar power plant in terms of energy output, according to a press release from Kyocera Corporation. The plant will be located on the Yamakura Dam reservoir in Japan.