Gift ideas for your favorite stylish nerd

Geek chic.

Gone are the days when being obsessed with tech or fandom can be equated with uncoolness. It’s possible—very possible—to be the nerdiest and the most stylish person in the room.

Below, you’ll find stylish holiday gift ideas for that friend who makes geekery look like it belongs on the runway. And if your favorite nerd has a particular thing for Star Trek or Star Wars, check out our fandom-specific gift guides here and here.

Some low-key cosplay

I know. Amazon


Here’s a leather jacket fit for your favorite scoundrel. $139 on Amazon.

A jacket full of stars

It’s bigger on the inside. Think Geek


If your chic geek has a sleeker look, go for this asymmetrical-zipper hooded moto jacket. My god, it’s full of stars. $60 on Think Geek.

Earrings with great chemistry

Science! Etsy


Can’t seem to spot the perfect gift for that girl who blinded you with science? Try these Erlenmeyer flask earrings. Don’t even think of calling them beakers. $11 on Etsy.

When you’re ready for Player 2

Lock that nerd down. Etsy


Tell your best friend (or even better, tell your partner) that you want them fighting the Final Boss at your side. D’aw. $22 for a set of two on Etsy.

Just literally be a space witch

Who’s gonna buy me this? Etsy


Don’t you wish someone thought you were stylish and cool enough to pull off a sheer space cape? No? Just me? Well, you should make sure your favorite chic geek knows you think they’re runway-ready. And you should do that by buying them a sheer space cape. $149 on Etsy.

Not just book smell, fancy book smell

Sounds yummy. Etsy


What scent of candle do you buy for a nerdy friend? Old book smell, obviously. But what scent of candle do you buy for a stylish and nerdy friend? Only the Oxford Library will do. According to customers, this one smells like “a freshly-showered Sherlock.” $18 on Etsy.

Statement socks

The statement is ‘I am a huge dork.’ Amazon


Everyone needs socks. And these days, the truly stylish go with pairs that make a statement—something that can provide a surprise pop of color every now and then. So a stylish nerd needs to make sure their statement socks says something, well, nerdy. A giant astronaut should do the trick. $12 on Amazon.

In fact, Sock It To Me has some fresh new sock designs to suit any nerd in your life (and many of them are Amazon Prime eligible). We especially love their Einstein and planet crew socks. If knee socks are what you’re looking for, this constellation design is sure to leave recipients starstruck.

Space junk

Cute and cozy. Amazon


Saxx boxers are comfy and look great. This pair has space stuff on them. Who says that underwear has to be a boring gift? $19+ on Amazon.

Stylish clothes for their laptop

Don’t let that Macbook walk around naked! Amazon


Is your friend still carrying their precious laptop around in a puckered neoprene sleeve? Or even worse, slipping it unprotected into a flimsy pocket in their backpack? Yikes. Give them an upgrade. Snugg’s faux-leather offering is recommended by The Wirecutter, and it comes with a lifetime guarantee. $16 on Amazon.

Great beards of science

Hirsute couture. Etsy


“Yes, a hirsute individual could sport a veritable arboretum of facial hair, and scientists were among the most flamboyant and fashionable of the lot.” What a product description, and what a great tote. $20 on Etsy.

A fitness tracker that isn’t hideous

Count those steps. Amazon


Your nerdy friend is all about quantification: She tracks her water intake with an app, she logs her sleep quality in a bullet journal, and she absolutely counts her steps. Fitbits are arguably the best fitness trackers for casual users, and they also offer plenty of stylish customization options. $59 on Amazon.

A phone case that keeps them looking fly

This is for an iPhone X, but, like, there are other phones. Case Mate


Another great gift for your gadget-loving style maven? A phone case that keeps a compact mirror handy at all times. $50 on Case Mate.

Level up their correspondence

Whoa. Etsy


Does anything say “stylish nerd” more than an actual wax seal with a rocket on it?! No. Nothing says “stylish nerd” more than an actual wax seal with a rocket on it. $39 on Etsy.

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Rachel Feltman

Rachel Feltmanis the Executive Editor of Popular Science and the host of the podcast The Weirdest Thing I Learned This Week. She's an alum of Simon's Rock and NYU's Science, Health, and Environmental Reporting program. Rachel previously worked at Quartz and The Washington Post. Contact the author here.