We all have that one girlfriend who’s effortlessly, impossibly cool. You might love her, you might hate her, or you might love to hate her—but she’s on your holiday shopping list. And you’ve got to impress her. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

Headphones fit for Ariana Grande

Purrrrrfect. Brookstone

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In the age of the iPhone dongle, wireless headphones are a must. These are Amazon’s choice in the super-competitive “wireless cat headphone” category. The accent lights change color on command, so they’ll go with anything. They’re the kind of headphones that only a cool girl can wear sort-of-earnestly-sort-of-ironically. You’re pretty sure you could not pull of these headphones. We think you could. $130 on Amazon.

Scribbles That Matter

Only the best. Amazon

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If your cool friend is truly cool, they’re probably bullet journaling. Scribbles That Matter is a popular choice among bullet journalers—the dot grid makes it easy to plot out each page exactly as needed, the pages don’t bleed, and it adds a pop of color to your day. One especially nice thing about this notebook is the cover: it’s just hard and thick enough to add some gravitas to the occasion (and keep your journal from getting all bendy inside your backpack) without actually adding a ton of weight or bulk to your everyday carry. $20 on Amazon.

The best gel pens

The better to bullet journal with. Pilot

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If you give a cool girl a notebook to bullet journal in, she’s probably going to want some gel pens to go with it. These Pilot gel pens are great for anyone, but their lack of smeariness means they’re absolutely beloved by lefties. $12 on Amazon.

A yoga mat

Sigh. BalanceFrom

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Of course she does yoga. Here’s Amazon’s top pick in the mat category. $18 on Amazon.

Sheet masks

So cool they’re almost basic. Amazon

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How is her skin always glowing??!! Probably sheet masks. They sit on her face and soaks it in moisture. $11 for a pack of 15 on Amazon.

The ultimate sheet mask thing-a-ma-bob

Foreo Amazon

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Does anyone need to spend almost $300 bucks on a device that exists solely to apply skincare products? Probably not. But while Foreo’s new UFO isn’t exactly necessary, it is truly delightful: the notion is that the device, by heating up and cooling down and vibrating and basking you in colorful LED light, primes your skin to accept and absorb various concoctions more efficiently. So if your giftee posts a sheet mask selfie every night (or multiple sheet mask selfies every night) you can upgrade her routine with 90-second serum infusions. $279 on Amazon.

Relaxation in a box

Ahhhhhhhhhh. Cratejoy

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If sheet masks aren’t going to cut it, splurge on a monthly box subscription from Cratejoy. The “Pause and Unwind” box includes five high-quality items—spa stuff, relaxation stuff, and so on—each month, and sources from companies founded and led by women. $29 a month.

A cute lil camera

Instantly cool. Fujifilm

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What good is glowy skin if you don’t have an adorable instant camera with which to capture it? The Fujifilm Instax Mini 8+ even comes with an attached selfie mirror, because of course it does. Starting at $80 on Amazon.

A vibrant record player

She has so much vinyl. Crosley

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Look, Crosley’s portable turntables are not made for audiophiles. The sound quality is fine, but it’s not going to blow you away. But these record players are cute, colorful, cheap, and portable. $62 on Amazon.

A classy toaster

Shiny. Smeg

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If your cool girl just moved, give her a fancy toaster with a retro aesthetic. This model by Smeg has a reputation for being as reliable as it is sleek. $150 on Amazon.

A twee cocktail kit

Moscow Mule making kit Amazon

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She’s already an infuriatingly good hostess, but you can give her an assist with an awesome cocktail kit from Mouth Foods. There are several tasty options to pick from, but the Moscow Mule set has the added bonus of including a pair of those little copper mugs. This is an extremely cool girl drinking vessel, my friends. $88 on

Truly cool sunglasses

Throw some shade. Privé Revaux

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I was recently shopping with an extremely cool girl when we both tried on and fell in love with some exorbitant designer sunglasses. Then we both wound up buying Privé Revaux shades on Amazon instead. There are a bunch of impossibly trendy frames and colors to pick from, and some of them even boast polarized lenses to boot. The collapsable-but-sturdy carrying case and cleaning cloth are a nice bonus. $17 on Amazon.

A unicorn to ride around the pool

A valiant steed. Jasonwell

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Honestly, I just want this. $30 on Amazon.

Twee AF lights

Oh, the possibilities. Oak Leaf

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You might now know what you would do with these ridiculously affordable twinkly lights, but your friend is going to make her room look like an advertisement for Anthropologie. From $7 on Amazon.

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