Skully AR-1

The Skully AR-1 is the first motorcycle helmet with a heads-up display. Your dad gets seamless directions, and looks slick to boot. Price: Not set Available: 2014

Philips BEARDTRIMMER Series 9000

How can a father spice up the humble morning shave? One idea: lasers. The Philips BEARDTRIMMER Series 9000 has the odd but wonderful distinction of being the only trimmer with laser-guided sight. Price: $79.95 Available: Now

Three-In-One Dremel Ultra-Saw

The Dremel Ultra-Saw has a 7.5-amp motor and 4-inch abrasive wheels for cutting through a range of materials. Special surface prep wheels remove paint, rust, and thinset from metal, wood, brick, and concrete. Price: $130 Available: Now

RoboReel Water Hose

Give your father the gift of reduced frustration this Father’s Day with RoboReel, a robotic hose that doesn’t knot or tangle. The hose will even turn off after an hour if it’s accidentally left on. Price: $689.99 Available: Now

Black & Decker AutoSense Drill

Black & Decker’s AutoSense Drill has built-in microprocessors that stop you before you strip a screw or crack a work surface. Did you ever, while spending family time, hear wood splitting followed by a series of obscene words from the next room? Never again. Price: $80 Available: Soon

Tubecore Duo

The Duo is the best of both worlds: a tube-powered speaker with Bluetooth. Old-school sound streamed from a newfangled gadget. Price: $479 Available: Now**

DJI Phantom 2 Vision quadcopter

The DJI Phantom 2 Vision quadcopter is an affordable, user-friendly personal drone. The big draw is an on-board camera, which Pops can use for an aerial shot of the neighborhood barbecue. Price: $1,000 Available: Now

FWD Sensor Stick

The FWD Sensor Stick can help your dad up his slapshot technique. The electronic hockey stick measures the speed and power in a shot, and lets you analyze your progress. Price: $149.99 Available: Now

Large Hadron Collider Umbrella

If your dad is as big a science nerd as we assume you are, he might enjoy this Large Hadron Collider umbrella. Price: $60 Available: Now

Coravin Wine Opener

Does Dad have some nice wine that he’s been waiting and waiting to open? There is no better way to take just some wine out of a bottle than the Coravin. It uses a hollow needle to non-destructively penetrate a wine bottle’s cork, and then pumps out just a glass or two. The cork — the first and best wine seal — stays in place. The headspace of the bottle is filled with inert argon gas, so the remainder of the bottle stays just as fresh as an unopened bottle. Price: $299 Available: Now

UCO Led StakeLight

Your dad can pitch a tent in the woods and light it in one sweep with these handy StakeLight LEDs. Price: $14 for four Available: Now

SolSource Solar Cooker

For the environmentally conscious father who still wants to cook up a nice meal, this solar cooker can prepare a steak in five minutes. Price: $399 Available: Now

Grundig Satellit 750 Shortwave Radio

This shortwave radio not only picks up your standard AM and FM stations, but also on ham, maritime, and aeronautical bands. The fact that it has a classic design certainly doesn’t hurt, either. Price: $253 Available: Now

Kiosk Ratchet Kit

This ratchet kit is a military-torque-grade set. It even includes a head for Macintosh computers. Price: $32 Available: Now

Magnetic Beer Bottle Opener

Best idea ever? This wall-mounted magnetic bottle opener catches bottle caps as they fall. There’s nothing standing between your dad and a frosty one. Price: $59 (or make your own) **Available: **Now

Audio-Technica Noise-Cancelling Headphones

A set of awesome, travel-ready noise-canceling headphones. Be prepared for him to not hear the phone when you call. **Price: **$141 **Available: **Now

“Made By Dad: 67 Blueprints for Making Cool Stuff”

This book includes clever (but straightforward) DIY projects for impressing kids. Your dad will either become a rock star to the children in the family, or reach Cool Uncle status in no time. Price: $13 Available: Now

Vario-W Automated Coffee Grinder

One crucial secret to making exceptional coffee every time is to dial in the exact optimal brewing ratio: the ratio of milliliters of cold water to grams of ground beans that goes into each cup. Dad can choose his perfect ratio based on each bean and his personal taste, but a 17:1 ratio is a good starting point. The Vario-W grinds and dispenses a precise set weight of bean with the press of a button, to make optimal coffee every morning. The second crucial secret, of course, is beans ground as freshly and uniformly as possible. Price: $549 Available: Now

“Defending Your Castle: Build Catapults, Crossbows, Moats, Bulletproof Shields, and more Defensive Devices”

Author William Gurstelle gives readers tips and tricks for creating homemade catapults and other ballistics. The Joneses will never catch up. Price: $13 Available: June 1, 2014