Giant Megacopter Drone Lifts Weights, Sets Record

First to do this thing we just thought of!



Screenshot by author, from YouTube

When it comes to setting new world records, sometimes the key is just finding a task that hasn't been done before. "Fastest human in the 100 meter dash" is a record first set in the 19th century and continually bested, but "heaviest payload lifted by a remote-controlled multicopter?" That's brand new, and was set last week in Norway by drone-maker Henning Pedersen and a group of students from the University of Oslo. Their megacopter carried a payload of 134 pounds and 7.6 ounces, in addition to the weight of the vehicle itself, and lifted itself more than 3 feet off the ground for over 30 seconds. Below, a record, and a category for records, is born:

The megacopter is a drone with 48 propellers clustered into 8 groups. The drone took 18 months to design and build, and it’s body is made of aluminum and plywood. Megacopter was built as part of a project to promote science and engineering education. While it set its record with a 134 pound payload, it’s designed to carry up to 330 pounds, so it may even surpass its own record someday--in the category it created, to set a record.

Watch the record-setting flight in full below!