Get this amazing globe of bioluminescence in your pocket

Your own natural phenomenon, powered by microscopic sea life.

Remember Sea-Monkeys, those awesome tiny aquatic brine shrimp? Well, they’ve got nothing on the Dino Sphere. This clear orb contains dinoflagellates, microscopic marine plankton that light up after dark. You can get this pocket-size natural phenomenon now for $49.95 via the Popular Science Shop.

In the open ocean, dinoflagellates turn the surf into a spectacular light show. They glow whenever the water moves, so that boats and swimmers are surrounded by shimmering lights. The Dino Sphere lets you enjoy the same bioluminescence at home, in a completely humane way.

The plankton need only nutrient-rich salt water and sunlight to do their thing. The Dino Sphere comes with suitable seawater, so you only need to provide the daylight. Set the globe in some sunshine, and you can enjoy the glow after dark by simply swirling the water. The plankton not only shine bright, they’re happy to perform night after night.

The Dino Sphere is normally $59.95, but you can grab it now for $49.95. Order today to get your tiny aquarium and save 16 percent off MSRP.