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Trying to fit your entire vacation wardrobe into a single suitcase can seem almost impossible. Instead of paying extra for more luggage allowance, you might want to try Genius Pack Compression Packing Cubes. These lightweight bags fit inside your suitcase, squeezing your clothes flat so they take up less space. You can get a set of three in the color of your choice now for $39.99 at the PopSci Shop.

Many suitcases come with compression straps. By pulling them tight, it is possible to reduce the overall size of your bag. However, this system is relatively inefficient. No matter how hard you pull the straps, there will still be plenty of air left inside your suitcase.

In contrast, Genius Pack cubes provides a much tighter fit for your clothes. By splitting your stuff into three separate bags, you can squeeze out most of the air. As a result, you have far more space to work with and your clothes stay neatly folded.

The cubes comes in three sizes, and they are made from durable nylon. Each cube is secured with a zip, and they all have grippy handles.

The set of three is worth $78, but you can grab it now for $39.99 in a range of colors, including Navy, Red and Titanium.

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