Cold weather gear to extend your running season

Apparel that’ll make running in the cold a breeze.

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There’s something about running outside that makes the process feel less tedious. I’m not sure if this is because you’ve got a constantly changing landscape to view, but most runs are just more enjoyable when you aren’t stuck in your gym on a treadmill. For this reason, I decided to try and extend my outdoor running window as far into the colder months as possible. If you also love running outdoors and don’t want chilly temperature to force you indoors, here’s a list of running gear that’s perfect for cold weather.

  • Men’s Cold Gear Leggings
  • Men’s RUSH Cold Gear Mock
  • On’s Tights Long running tights are made of a mix of polyester and elastane, are form fitting, are moisture wicking, and packed full of thoughtful features. Best part? The form-fitting tights will keep your warmer while running outside in chilly weather. Zippers on the ankle make them easy to remove. It’s got reflective materials to keep you visible and safe. Hidden pockets allow you to keep money or other things hidden while you run. Also, mesh pockets help with ventilation so you won’t overheat in warmer weather.
  • On’ Cloudventure running shoes are clutch when the weather gets a little colder, mostly because of the fact that they are waterproof—better in rain or snow—and have superior grip. They are true to the name and seriously feel like running on clouds. They have superior cushioning to any shoes I’ve tried. The lightweight shoes have a soft cushion for tougher trails, and has their Missiongrip™ bottom which features more than one grip pattern. This results in more control on slippery surfaces. A a stretchy membrane on the outside of the shoe is 100 percent waterproof to keep moisture out while allowing for airflow.
  • DUER pants
  • Houdini jacket

Base 4.0 layer from under armour

Men’s Etip™ Hardface® Gloves

I’ll admit that gloves were the last thing I thought about. I was so focused on my face, legs, and feet that my hands were the last body part unaccounted for. In all honesty, it’s probably easier to run if your chest is cold than your hands. The North Face’s ETIP polyester gloves let you use your smartphone while wearing them, have a silicone palm for a secure grip, and are warm, flexible, and stretchy. For lightweight running gloves, you need to look no further.

North Face Essential Fleece Joggers

If you need some extra warmth beyond the tights on your legs, snag a pair of sweatpants or joggers. The North Face’s fleece joggers have zippered-pockets—needed for winter running when you might have a runny nose or need a place for your keys—and a drawcord around the waist to keep them from falling down. They aren’t too fitted, so you’ll be able to fit your tights or shorts underneath.