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Air purifiers used to be appliances that were deemed unnecessary, but now, nearly every household has them. Experts say that air purifiers can significantly improve the ventilation inside your home, thanks to their capacity to pilfer pollutants circulating in the air, including dust, pollen, and smoke. They’re also found to help you breathe easier during wildfires and the most powerful air purifiers with HEPA filters are capable of removing coronaviruses from the air.

There’s no question that air purifiers are worth the investment, but if you want to breathe in fresher air wherever you go, you may want to look into the VentiFresh ECO Plus Oakwood. A personal air purifier that fits in your bag, this device is powerful enough to clear the air in an entire room. It’s on sale for 14 percent off for a limited time.

VentiFresh uses NASA-inspired technology to enhance and freshen the air near you while you’re at your home, office, or at a social gathering. Its 2nd generation UV catalyst core decomposes germs and odors through a natural photosynthesis process, resulting in cleaner, fresher air. With UV-C, it sterilizes microorganisms as well. Nerd talk side, it uses fancy technology to improve the ventilation in any room.

This device, which has garnered 388 percent of its goal on Indiegogo, does not require any filter or maintenance. It also operates discreetly with its Quiet Mode, but it also has a Turbo Mode should you need a quick purification fix. And unlike most air purifiers that are bulky, the VentiFresh only weighs less than 70 grams, making it smaller than a coffee cup. You can bring it anywhere with you and power it up using your power bank, laptop, or a power outlet. 

Enjoy clean air wherever you go with the VentiFresh ECO Plus Oakwood. It usually retails for $88, but for a limited time, you can get it on sale for $74.99.

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