Great rug grippers grab for your home

A rug should not be an indoor slip and slide.
living room with a rug on the floor
Keep your rug where you want it. Yehleen Gaffney via Unsplash

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If you’re a fan of both hardwood and decorative rugs, you probably also experience slipping and sliding around your floors. Even if you have enough core strength and balance to stay upright, we can bet that you have had to leave a few rugs crumpled up behind doors and closets or struggle to straighten them after vaccuming. A rug gripper is easy to fasten and will keep your rug solidly stuck to the floor regardless of who or what passes over it. When your dog is desperately running to his food bowl and your toddler is chasing him, you can rest easy knowing that your rug won’t move a tassel.

Here are some of the best rug grippers out there.

Product 1: YYXLIFE Double Sided Carpet Tape for Area Rugs Carpet Adhesive Rug Gripper Removable Multi-Purpose Rug Tape Cloth for Hardwood Floors,Outdoor Rugs,Carpets.Heavy Duty Sticky Tape,2Inch x 10 Yards,White

Caption: Great at its job and easily repurposed.

Badge: Most versatile

Markdown: This heavy-duty, double-sided tape is dedicated to keeping your rug stuck to the floor. It can handle a lot of foot-traffic and sticks well to hardwood, marble, stone, and laminate flooring. You can cut as much grip tape as you need for maximum hold on just the corners or throughout the entire floor piece depending on size, plus, it won’t leave a sticky residue if you need to peel it off. Grab Carpet Tape in various yard sizes from 10, 20, to 30 yards.


Product 2: Gorilla Grip Original Area Rug Gripper Pad, 5×7, Made in USA, for Hard Floors, Pads Available in Many Sizes, Provides Protection and Cushion for Area Rugs and Floors

Caption: Stick to basics.

Badge: Best full-size stick

Markdown: This rug gripper is essentially the tinier, squishier bottom-sheet to your rug’s fluffy, bold comforter. It comes in so many pre-cut sizes, we can almost guarantee you will be able to find one for every rug in your home. These grip pads can also be easily trimmed with scissors for true customization, and you can use the leftovers strips as a drawer or shelf liners. The pad is non-adhesive so it won’t directly stick to your floor but the material is plush and tacky so it won’t budge on the hardwood.


Product 3: Home Techpro Rug Grippers, Best Non-Slip Washable Rug Gripper, “Vacuum TECH” – New Materials to Anti Curling Rug Pad : Keep Your Rug in Place & Make Corner Flat and Easily Peel Off (4PCS)

Caption: Sometimes you want things to “suck”.

Badge: Least intrusive

Markdown: These pads are specifically designed for corners that just won’t stay put. They are equipped with tiny suction cups that produce an adhesive effect particularly when something or someone lands on the rug. The pads are meant to be glued onto the bottom of the rug and are machine washable, so you don’t have to worry about removal every time you need to spruce things up. It’s also less than 1/10 of an inch thick so you won’t notice any inflation underneath the corners.


Product 4: Hook and Loop Large Size Rug Gripper – Premium 4 Corner Pack Anti Slip Triangle Gripper – Easy to Lift, No Curling, Anti Skid – Reusable Gel Gripper for Hardwood Floors, Tiles, Hallaway Large Runner

Caption: Just bend and fasten.

Badge:Best long-term solution

Markdown: This rug grip is a two-part system for maximum security and hold. It uses a hook and loop system to easily fasten your rug to the floor and unfasten when you want to clean underneath. Simply stick the triangle loop to the corner of your rug, place the circle on the floor, and connect the two together. It is easy to mop or vacuum over the circle and the sticky gel won’t harm your floors.


Product 5: Optimum Technologies Lok Lift Rug Gripper for Runners, 4 Inch by 25 Feet. The original slip resistant rug solution

Caption: Stop the slide.

Badge: Best for specific use

Markdown: This grip is a great tool for trying to train your runners to not slip or curl. Instead of focusing on the corners, this grip tape is designed to run down the sides of the runner securing it to the floors, making sure it doesn’t slide all over the place. The grip material is non-toxic with a horizontal hold that works on all types of flooring. You can trim the size to fit the length of your rug and add as many strips as you like to increase the hold.