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Amazon started its ascent into making hardware with the Kindle. Still, its Fire TV media players have shown the company to be ultra-competitive when pitted against Apple, Google, and Roku (who just started selling new TVs if you prefer all-in-one streamer screens). The performance: price ratio is tipped even further toward value because Amazon has discounted many of its Fire digital media devices by up to $20. That may not seem like much of a price cut, but Amazon’s hardware is reasonably inexpensive at its full price so even a small discount brings it firmly into impulse purchase territory.

Fire TV Stick, $29.99 (Was $49.99)



The Fire TV Stick 4K is Amazon’s entry-level media streamer, and this deal marks it down to within $5 of its lowest price ever. As its name implies, the svelte steaming stick can play video at 4K, and it supports Dolby Atmos HDR for more vivid colors that match its high resolution. Surprisingly, the Fire TV Stick 4K also supports Dolby Atmos, so those with the proper HDMI eARC ports and a compatible surround sound system will get the full cinematic experience.

Amazon bundles the Fire Stick 4K with its Alexa remote, which allows you to access the smart assistant to control your TV’s functions (volume, inputs, etc.), play TV shows and movies without opening an app, or control Alexa-enabled smart home devices. Don’t skip this deal if you’re looking for an inexpensive way to make an older TV smart and already have gear that works within Amazon’s ecosystem.

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