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Whether you’re going back to school or back to the studio, a solid pair of headphones is invaluable. There is nothing more beautiful than basking in just the right amount of bass while you’re untangling mixed metaphors or mastering your next single. Actually, there’s one thing more beautiful: Saving money while you do it.

That’s why we’re excited that beyerdynamic’s DT 900 Pro X open-back studio headphones—which we think are pretty stellar—are on sale for $159, down from its $299 list price, as part of its B-stock promo event, happening today through August 9. That’s $140 leftover to spend on Beyoncé merch or this Bob Dylan record or your next USB microphone. Even better? You get free shipping when you buy. 



The DT 900 Pro X are balanced-response beauties that feature a proprietary Stellar.45 dynamic driver with a neodymium magnet, three-layer diaphragm with integrated damping, and a copper-covered voice coil. Best of all, these beyerdynamic headphones are expertly designed in Germany to be sonically dependable and physically durable. Replaceable parts, from the plush ear cushions to the driver itself, mean you don’t have to bawl if they break—which means you’re getting your bang for your buck when you buy from beyerdynamic. 

If button-smashing is more your beat, check out beyerdynamic’s gaming headphones. We’re partial to the MMX 100, now $61 and 38% off retail pricing. Get studio-level sound with PC, Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo Switch games, and get maximum comfort while you do it, thanks to the headphones’ bouncy softskin earpads with memory foam filling. 

Believe us when we say you won’t want to miss this bangin’ bargain, which features everything from the DT 1990 Pro, our pick for the best overall professional mixing headphones, to more casual cans. Check out the other products in beyerdynamics’ B-Stock promo event today, because you’ll be B-side yourself if you miss these discounts: