Winterize Your Bike

A typical bicycle tire puts about an inch of rubber on the road at a time. That works in dirt, but it´s not nearly enough tread to get a grip in deep powder. With the Ktrak aftermarket kit, your mountain bike floats above the snow and weighs only five pounds more. $540;

Sled Like a Pro

The Eurosled AvaLuge Ice Model-a seamless piece of polyethylene plastic inspired by Olympic luges and steeredthe same way-zooms down hills at up to 60 mph. Only the runners’ stainless-steel inlays touch the ground, reducing friction and increasing speed. Careful. $240;

Ski and See

The Zeal Optics Link PPX are the first goggles that are both polarized to cut glare and photochromatic to automatically darken according to the lighting conditions. They´ll let you see the tree-avoiding it is your responsibility. $160;

Surf Warmer

If you prefer your winter rides in liquid form, keep your lips from turning blue with the Rip Curl H-Bomb heated wet suit. Two lithium-polymer batteries power waterproof, fiber-based heating elements along your back to keep your core warm. About $700;

Skate Faster

The 1.7-pound Easton Synergy 1500C hockey skate doesn´t sacrifice power to save weight. The first-ever one-piece carbon-composite boot has no joints to rob it of rigidity, so it responds quickly and evenly to movements from your foot. $450;