Smartwatches for Android users

Wearable tech that’s designed for your phone, not the other one.
man on phone on a mountain
Track your steps on any walk. Paula Lavalle via Unsplash

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How well a smartwatch functions is largely based on the smartphone you sync it with. While the Apple Watch soaks up a lot of the limelight, there are plenty of competitors on the market that works far better for Android users. When shopping around, make sure you don’t accidentally choose a smartwatch that requires its own cellular plan. Most smartwatches sync to smartphones via Bluetooth and rely on that phone’s data to access the internet or run apps. Here are three Android-friendly smartwatches to consider.

The best

Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch

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Despite its name, this smartwatch can link via Bluetooth to any smartphone, not just the Samsung Galaxy. It’s stocked with everything from SMS and phone call capabilities to fitness and sleep cycle tracking, GPS, and friendly reminders that it’s time to stand up and take a lap around the office. This watch has received praise for its rotating bezel, which allows users to navigate its features without tapping tiny apps on a touch screen. The face is scratch-resistant and the whole watch is waterproof, so you can track your fitness even in the pool. The Galaxy watch also comes in two sizes (46mm and 42mm) so you’ll get a better fit.

Most versatile

Fitbit Versa 2

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Fitbits aren’t just for counting steps anymore (though the wearables are still exceptionally good at that). The Fitbit Versa 2 is a fully functioning smartwatch with built-in Amazon Alexa. Alexa can do things like set timers and alarms, reply to text messages, play music, and read you the weather forecast. Plus, Fitbit Pay™ can store all your credit cards and pay the bill with the tap of your wrist. You can also create up to five automatic responses for quick reply texts, access 24/7 heart rate monitoring, and track your sleep cycle. Despite weighing just .16 ounces the battery on this device lasts for at least six days on a single charge.