Today’s culture is all about the ‘sleep when you’re dead’ mentality, even if it means sacrificing our wellbeing. Luckily, the tide has shifted back to the need for healthy, quality rest, and has put an emphasis on how important sleep is for functioning productively and creatively. This has created a wealth of gadgets and tech to help us get the sound sleep we deserve. Here are our top picks for sleep aids that we dream of:

Like you’re being coddled with a warm hug. Amazon

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Weighted gravity blankets have proved to be an answer to an insomniac’s prayers by providing the perfect amount of pressure to help anyone fall asleep. Made from high-quality Egyptian cotton, this one also features box stitching to ensure an even weight, and you can choose between 15, 20, and 25 pounds. It’s like sleeping in a hug, without having to deal with a person fidgeting next to you.

The best way to improve your sleep habits is to understand them. Amazon

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The next best thing to having scientists monitor and track your sleep: this one-time installation sleep tracking pad from the French brand Withings. Pair it with your iPhone, Android, or Alexa to learn about your sleep cycles and heart rate throughout the night. It can also detect snoring and any breathing disturbances, which is useful to determine if you have a sleep condition like sleep apnea. You’ll get a daily “sleep score,” which makes trying to improve your sleep with the in-app coach a fun game.

A very goofy-looking but effective solution. Amazon

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If you or your partner is a chronic snorer, then you’re likely familiar with the predicament of sleeping next to an unwitting noise machine at night. This chin strap is an inexpensive and comfortable option to cure snoring: it gently forces the wearer to keep their mouth closed and makes sure that all breathing goes through the nose. Pro-tip: Some reviewers have also recommended this chin strap as a hack to combat temporomandibular joint syndrome.

Enjoy a lullaby. Amazon

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Another sound solution to falling asleep is a white noise machine—perfect for urban-dwellers who want to block out loud street noise. This machine comes with a plethora of soothing sounds—36, to be exact—including bird calls, ocean waves, lullabies, streams, crickets, and more. There’s even a “fetal tone” option to ensure that you sleep like a baby. It also comes with a handy timer function and is compact and portable, which makes it great for travel.