Weekly Goods: August 26

From an omnidirectional monster to a GPS device with on-screen editing, it's the hottest tech for the week of August 26, 2007

Touch and Glow

A blue backlight turns on automatically when your hands move near this keyboard, thanks to a capacitive sensor that detects changes in the electric field. Step away, and the keyboard shuts down to save power. Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Desktop 8000 $300; microsoft.com



The first radio-controlled toy with omnidirectional wheels can move any which way without turning around. To drive at an angle, the three wheels spin at different speeds, rolling smoothly to the side on small cylinders around their edges. Tyco R/C Tri-Clops Mutant $100; tycorc.com

Take Two or I'll Call in the Morning

If a patient doesn't take crucial meds on time, this pillbox alerts a central server that sends relatives a voice or text message. InforMedix Med-eMonitor $50, plus $60/month; informedix.com

Sharp Turn

This razor follows all your contours. An ultrathin central driveshaft allows for more freedom of movement, the three rotating blades independently flex up and down, and the entire head spins a full 360 degrees. Philips Norelco arcitec $170-250; philips.com