Weekly Goods: July 22

From a waterproof camcorder to a nanotube bat, it's the hottest tech for the week of July 22, 2007


Pound the ball–not yourself. To distribute vibrations so they don’t rattle your arms, Easton varied the thickness of the walls on this hollow composite bat. Carbon nanotubes keep it strong. **Easton Stealth Comp CNT $380; eastonsports.com


Phosphorescent paint on this watch’s dial and hands shines brightly for several hours after exposure to light. As a backup, fainter, tritium-filled tubes keep the dial legibly illuminated for at least seven years. ** Reactor Trident $300â€$450; reactorwatch.com


Replacing laptop components like the processor or graphics card can require hours of removing tiny screws and plugs. But the tinkerer-friendly C90S lets you access most parts simply by lifting off a bottom panel. The warranty stays intact, too. **Asus C90S $1,300 (est.); asus.com


To make working under your car easier and safer, the first combination jack and stand lets you lift the chassis and prop it up securely in one go. Position either of the two stands by pumping up the jack and then pulling it away, leaving the stand in place. ** Craftsman 2 Ton Lift and Secure Jack System $300; craftsman.com


On the first racket that you can string in two ways, inserts change the size of string holes. Wide ports dampen vibration to create a wider sweet spot; small openings mimic the responsiveness of a traditional racket. **Prince O3 Speedport $220; princetennis.com


Perfect for your next beach vacation, the first waterproof camcorder grabs VGA videos (and six-megapixel stills) in up to five feet of water. Metal reinforcement around the LCD withstands pressure changes. **Sanyo Xacti E1 $500; sanyodigital.com