High-octane lifestyle infringing on your data-storage needs? These utterly rugged flash drives, encased in aircraft-grade aluminum, are shock-resistant and waterproof to 656 feet. **Corsair Flash Survivor From $60; corsairmemory.com **.

Glisten to the Music

Foam earphones fit snugly, but-ew-they attract ear gunk. Shure made the covers of these high-end buds washable by flowing foam into a mold that forms a nonporous finish on the outside. Shure SE530 $450;shure.com


Rather than storing dirt in bags or cylinders, this vacuum is the first to form dust into solid cubes, thus lowering the risk of allergens escaping back into the room. The system also allows four times as much storage as other vacuums-by our calculations, making vacuuming four times as fun. The Kompressor From approx. $200; lge.com

Wet ‘n’ Sustainable

Instead of using the typical petroleum- and PVC-based materials, Patagonia’s wetsuits are made of environmentally friendly merino wool, recycled polyester and Japanese neoprene. The result is a less-destructive product that’s also more durable and warmer, keeping you moving in temperatures as low as 48 degrees F. The Regulator From $470; patagonia.com

Eye Spy

This wearable point-of-view video recorder is waterproof, dustproof and shock-resistant. There’s even a button that lets you tag important shots while filming. Best of all, the camera is integrated with software and sharing capabilities, so your wicked hang-gliding trip can be instantly beamed to jealous friends. POV. 1 $850; vio-pov.com


With 8x magnification and an extremely large range, this palm-sized telescope doubles as a portable microscope, just as useful for observing wildlife up close as for catching the game from the nosebleed seats. Quick Close Focus allows for faster and more accurate focusing, and waterproofing up to 16 feet means a little rain won’t prevent your nightly neighbor-spying, er, stargazing. Makroskop MS 8×25 $230; minox.com

EZ Does It

A simplified interface, three-line LCD display and rock-bottom price make XM’s newest receiver the perfect option for your move to the world of satellite radio. A universal connector takes it from the car to your home stereo system. **Audiovox Xpress EZ $70; xmradio.com **

Heavy Duty Data

High-octane lifestyle infringing on your data-storage needs? These utterly rugged flash drives, encased in aircraft-grade aluminum, are shock-resistant and waterproof to 656 feet. **Corsair Flash Survivor From $60; corsairmemory.com **

Soft Rock

To maintain steady footing on bumpy paths, these trail runners turn the usual sport shoe inside out: The inner lining provides the firmest support, while the cushiony foam sole wraps around rocks, keeping your foot level. **GoLite Sun Dragon $95; www.golite-footwear.com **

Just-Right Light

The first dimmable LED flashlight can be a bright task lamp-or a battery-saving faint glow that won´t wake your bunkmate. Turn the bezel of its three-inch titanium tube, and a resistor adjusts brightness from 0 to 70 lumens. SureFire Titan $500 surefire.com

Easy Driver

This four-inch-high, ergonomic screwdriver folds out to a veritable tool case. Twenty-one driver heads pack into the side, adjust to three lengths, and slip into one of six driving positions for maximum torque. There’s even a ratcheting mechanism that allows you to drive a screw using only your thumb and forefinger. The Bit Dr. $25; loggerheadtools.com

Eye Play

Lest you weren’t sufficiently glued to your PS3, the PlayStation Eye adds voice, video chat and online gaming. The camera includes a zoom lens and captures up to 120 frames per second directly to the hard drive; and the microphone reduces echo and background noise-so voice recognition still works even while your mother is screaming at you to get out of her basement and find a job. **PlayStation Eye $40; playstation.com **

All Steamed Up

With a pressurized steam reservoir, an ergonomic trigger and a 1,750-watt output, this iron verges on power tool. Better yet, it presses and steams in a fraction of the time of an ordinary iron, leaving you more time with the actual power tools. **Pressure Iron and Steamer $200; rowenta.com **

Blues Traveller

Pack this waterproof, dent-proof guitar in your carry-on-it´s less than two thirds the normal size and weighs about three pounds. The hollow carbon-fiber neck allows it to resonate much like a larger guitar. Blackbird Rider $1,600; blackbirdguitar.com

Long Distance Service

Forgot an e-mail on your PC? Grab it from afar by logging to this home server, the first consumer model to open files and programs on networked computers. **HP MediaSmart Server Price not set; hp.com **

Oh Gosh, Oh Geo

This GPS module syncs its clock with your digital camera’s and then matches its location data with each moment the shutter is clicked, using software to plot the coordinates on a Google map or upload them to Flickr. Small enough to slip into a pocket, the Trackr’s power consumption is low, so it won’t die at a crucial moment-like when you finally stumble onto that pirate treasure. **Photo Trackr $100; gisteq.com **