To make the superthin (and ergonomically wrist-friendly) diNovo keyboard, engineers at Logitech used the same switches used in laptop keyboards, but increased the depth they can be pressed down to give you that desktop feel. **Logitech diNovo Edge $200; **.

Phoning It In

This GSM-networked box hangs inside a front door and alerts the homeowner´s cellphone when a vistior buzzes the intercom. A code punched into the phone then opens the door. Waleli GSM-doorbell $600;

Sound Thinking

Amplify most acoustic guitars, and you lose that crisp sound in fuzzy feedback. This one uses four mics placed in the audio sweet spots and lets you control them individually, so you can tune out squawk and dial in dulcet tones. Yamaha CPX900 $850;

Long Shot

Most SLR cameras make you frame shots by pressing your eye to the viewfinder. Clip this small video sensor to the eyepiece of your SLR-digital or film-to get a 2.5-inch LCD screen you can use from up to 40 feet away.** Zigview S2 $500;**

Guiding Light

Make sure the pizza man can always find his way with these sleek LED address numbers. Solar panels charge the self-contained batteries by day and switch on the lights automatically as night falls. Solar LED Address Numbers $20 each;

Unchained Audiophile

We´ll vouch for the sound quality and the convenience of these DJ-style Bluetooth headphones. They double as a cellphone headset and let you control your music player remotely. Motorola S805 $150;

Hardcore Handheld

Finally, an ultra-mobile PC designed for the outdoors. Add extra hardware by popping modules onto the back of this military-grade mini computer, and don´t worry about dropping it-even into a pond. It´s waterproof up to three feet.** Black Diamond SwitchBack UMPC $3,700;**