Hands-Free Computing

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This week everyone’s at the Web 2.0 Expo at New York City’s Javits Center. Abby reported on a technology that makes your computer talk to you; I met a couple of brothers who were at the show to promote their invention, wherein you talk to your computer.

Tazti is a completely free download for Windows, a lighter-weight alternative to software like Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Tazti doesn’t handle full-text dictation; it’s just designed to work as a control interface.

As demonstrated in their video, Tazti responds to voice commands, with a custom interface geared toward popular tasks like pausing iTunes, navigating Facebook, and running web searches.

Neat. The caveat, of course: Speech recognition is not a perfect science yet. The longer you train the software, and the more silent your surroundings when you use it, the better it’ll work.