Remember that beautiful sunset photo from Jamaica? Or was it the Bahamas? No worries—the first high-end camera with a built-in GPS receiver keeps track for you.

All digital cameras attach data such as shutter speed to the image file; the Nikon P6000 also adds latitude and longitude. Photo-sharing sites such as, and Nikon’s read the data when you upload pictures and show their location on a global map. If you want to keep your favorite fishing hole a secret, simply turn off the GPS.

Some cameraphones already have GPS, but their grainy shots are no match for photos from the P6000, with its 13.5-megapixel sensor, 4x zoom lens, and low-light shooting up to ISO 6400 sensitivity. Now you can spend more time admiring your photos and less time wondering where you took them.

Nikon CoolPix P6000

Lens: 28mm wide to 112mm telephoto
Controls: Aperture, shutter, full manual, full automatic
Expansion: External flash shoe
Price: $500
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