While the MacBook Air showed how slim a laptop could be, the Voodoo Envy ($2,100; demonstrates how much can fit in that space. Using the same compact CPU as the Air, the carbon-fiber-clad Envy measures just 0.7 inch thick—a tad thinner than the Mac at its thickest point. And it packs in more features, including a slot for high-speed cellular data cards, two USB ports, and an HDMI port for attaching to a high-def TV.

To keep all that hardware cool, a fan sucks in air below the keyboard and splits the stream to the right and left to separately chill the graphics card and CPU.

Also cool: The Envy has two operating systems. The slow-starting Windows Vista provides a full suite of applications. But for quick access to basic programs such as a music player, you can boot up Linux in about five seconds.