We Know What This Means

New products afoot!

At this very moment, Steve Jobs is on stage in San Francisco where he is expected to unveil the next version of the iPhone. High-speed 3G data connectivity, on-board GPS and a fully developed application store are all likely to be in the cards.

As this conference is attended mostly by Apple software developers, Jobs is currently running through a laundry list of new applications that will be possible by the iPhone’s official SDK—we’ve seen an eBay auction tracker, a location-aware social network, and a crowd-sourcing-friendly news app from the AP that allows you to read local news according to your current location as well as submit photos and reports directly for a little citizen reporting.

Nearly all of the apps we’ve seen so far have a location-aware aspect, which goes a long way to verify the GPS features.

Stay tuned here for more reports live from WWDC.