Steve Jobs presents the iPhone 3G
Not the first iPhone, but released shortly after it. Erin Biba

Well, the official announcement is in—and it’s exactly what we were all expecting. The new iPhone, equipped with 3G, GPS, and a much slimmer price, will be available for purchase in 22 countries (including the US) starting July 11.

So, the question is, how excited are you? Here at the WWDC the energy in the air seemed more geared around the fact that Al Gore was hanging out in the crowd before Jobs took the stage. And, for the most part, everyone seemed more taken in by the theatrics of a Stevenote then any new product or software that was actually announced.

Despite all the pushing and shoving to get a good seat (even among the media) the final outcome was less then exciting. The reality is, this year the rumor mill was dead-on. It predicted the 3G phone and the slightly fatter case (though Steve did say “it’s slimmer on the edges”). It predicted the roll-out in several countries—though no one was really expecting the 70 Apple finally announced. It even predicted the GPS.

So what, really, did we learn today? Mainly, Apple is offering up a reduced price and a new white phone if you’re purchasing a 16 GB version. But where were all the surprises we come to expect from this event? No new iPods, no new Macs, no Tablet. No “one more thing.” As for the iPhone there is still no video chat, and there was no mention whatsoever of opening up its Bluetooth (leaving companies like Polaroid, whose cool PoGo portable printer Apple won’t enable for the iPhone, out in the dust). Not even a bigger flash drive! I’d be willing to shell out $399 for a few more gigs. Wouldn’t you?

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