Our own Theodore Gray (the man behind Gray Matter’s mad science) is currently in China, and he’s taken the opportunity to put his new Casio EX-F1 high-speed camera to excellent use at the Beijing Zoo. And when we say excellent we mean the majestic hawk at the Beijing zoo defecating and flapping its wings at 300 frames per second kind of excellent. And if that’s not enough, he’s got a dolphin leaping from beneath the water and a sparrow taking flight to boot.

Since its release earlier this year, the game-changing EX-F1 has given amateur photogs the ability to record everyday life in stunning super-slomo at speeds up to an incredible 1200fps. That means a real-time second gets stretched to 40 seconds in the resulting video; and while resolution drops at the highest speed settings, the results are still worth the $1,000 Casio is charging, if you ask me.

If the hawk above wasn’t enough, check out these dolphins leaping from their tank, also filmed at 300fps.

And this cinematic shot of a girl chasing a sparrow, filmed at the highest-speed 1200fps setting. Note: this entire video represents just over one second of actual time.

Amazing, eh?

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