Mind-Reading PC Controller Almost Ready For Prime Time?

The Emotiv headset enables thought-based control of on-screen objects

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The Emotiv mind-reading headset, according to some reports, is ready for the real world. Sort of.

Sensors in the headset read electrical signals in your brain, and software interprets this data, allowing users to manipulate objects on a computer screen just by thinking. But don’t get too excited—you’re not going to be navigating the Web fingers-free. The company says the headset will go on sale this Christmas, and customers will be able to use it with certain games.

It’s not clear what you’ll be able to do, but the future of this device is going to be pretty interesting—Emotiv is planning to work with IBM to develop new applications. And let’s be honest, even if the first iteration just amounts to moving things around on screen with your mind, that would still be pretty wild. Wildness worth $299 though? That’s up to you.

[Via News.com]