Winter should be winding down, and if you’re in the Northeast, you might even think that’s Spring up ahead. But don’t get too comfortable. It’s still cold and snowy in much of the U.S. and, if the forecasts are correct, there’s more to come.

Storms are threatening the Midwest as we speak, and even sunny Phoenix has a “freeze warning”. So here’s some gear to keep you warm—and your driveway clear—during these last chilly days of winter.

Arcteryx Solo Belay Jacket

The Solo is insulated by thousands of long polyester fibers—and each one of these fibers is individually water-proofed. This lets the jacket fend off water and keeps the insulation warmer longer by repelling dirt, moreso than any other insulated coat ever made. The same chemicals used to waterproof the fibers also help keep the jacket fluffy; when you put the jacket in the dryer, the molecules electrostatically repel each other and push the fibers apart. $300,

Laken ISO 70-Aerogel bottle

Laken uses a space-age substance called Aerogel—a solid that’s mostly air—to keep your coffee twice as warm as a standard aluminum-polyurethane bottle. It even prevents your drink from freezing in subzero weather, a feat usually accomplished only by vacuum bottles that weight nearly twice as much as this 24-ouncer. The bonus: also keeps icy beverages cool in the heat. $59,

Nau Asylum Jacket

Nau’s jacket is three-layer for full winter protection, styled for urban assault or conquering mountains—and fully recyclable at the end of its lifetime. Instead of Teflon and polyurethane films, Nau uses a new fabric with a polyester membrane (most waterproof breathable membranes are PTFE or Teflon) that’s both waterproof and breathable, and it sandwiches it between two layers of recycled polyester. $398,

LaFuma X Light Mid Boot with Outdry

Boots made with Outdry’s new system keep your feet extra dry. A seamless waterproof layer is laminated to the outside of the boot, so water can’t permeate your shoe. (Most other boots put the waterproofing layer inside, so in wet conditions, water can soak the boot’s outer layer, making for a wet, heavy boot and preventing your foot sweat from evaporating.) $130,

180s ExoLite Heat Acoustic Soft Shell Ear Warmers

Keep your ears cozy through calls. These ear warmers sport three insulating layers with channels that let through sound (but not cold). $35,

Sierra Designs Ember Pant

Wearing long underwear for a long time shouldn’t pose any, er, problems. Made from a coconut-based fiber, this pair pulls moisture from the skin and traps odor, releasing it only when washed. Built-in UPF 50+ makes for an easy sunscreen. $40,

SmartWool Lightweight Rib Tee

This microweight shirt is made from SmartWool, a natural wool-based fiber. Each individual fiber strand holds thousands of air pockets to wick moisture and better insulate you against both heat and cold and than synthetic fabrics can. Make this your base layer and cut the bulk. $60,

Toro Power Clear

Usually you have to tilt a snow-thrower to get its metal scraper and spinning scoopers to touch the ground at the same time. Toro put the scraper on a spring, so it automatically adjusts to the height of the scoopers. From $600;