Everyone knows that guys like receiving electronics as gifts, but in the sea of lacy fabrics and red plush doodads offered in stores around Valentine´s Day, it´s easy to forget that the ladies are just as fond of gadgets as you are†with one distinction. We demand that our gadgets come equipped with loads of style. Lest you strike out, â€White and Nerdyâ€-style, by offering your beloved a gift-wrapped power strip, we´ve gathered a bevy of fancifully fun tech toys that will appeal to both her inner geek and her outer fashionista.

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Lin and Leo laptop bag

Upgrade your lady´s laptop style from the standard black nylon bag to this stunner by British designer Lin and Leo. It´s sturdy and professional in high quality leather, but the bold color and handbag styling keeps it fun. $304;

LG Cherry Chocolate phone

Your lady´s not getting an iPhone this Valentine´s Day, but you can still give her a hot new cell piece to keep in touch with. In terms of trendiness and hype, nothing on the market comes close to the Chocolate phone. It´s beautiful, it plays music, and it´s got that neat scrolling interface everyone loves. And it won´t make her worry about her weight like the other kind of chocolate. $100;

Lumigram Fiber Optic pillowcase

Your love may light up her life, but why not also light up her bedroom? This pillowcase contains fiber-optic technology, so she´ll lie down in a soft, romantic glow. $200;

JBL Spyro speakers

With 36 watts of power and crystal-clear sound, this handsome 2.1-channel speaker set adds both grace and dynamic audio to a room. Available in white, black, fuchsia or retro blue, it´s compatible with MP3 players, computers, DVD players and more. $130;

Shugabuds earphones

OK, so they´re glorified iPod earbuds with Swarovski crystals stuck on them. But they put out decent sound, and they make great accessories-she´ll love them. Besides, were you going to sit there all day with a magnifying glass and a hot-glue gun? We didn´t think so. $50;

Tulip Ego Laptop

Your sweetheart will swoon over this luxurious, handbag-shaped notebook PC with interchangeable cases in materials like simulated wood grain, black suede and printed fabrics. It´s more high-end fashion accessory than office tool, but it boasts a 64-bit AMD processor, a built-in webcam and Windows Vista compatibility. $5000;

Enlighted LED-light bra

Add sparks to your relationship with light-up lingerie. Each bra is affixed with up to 30 LED lights, some with feathers to diffuse the light-you know, so the effect is subtler. $320;

Kodak Easyshare V603 in red shimmer, with fashion pack

This shimmery red, six-megapixel digicam is a point-and-shoot dream. Kick the girly factor up about 20 notches by ordering it with the optional fashion pack, a stylish pink case with jeweled lanyards and a one-gigabyte memory card. $250; fashion pack: $80;

My Beating Heart toy

Using haptic technology, this heart-shaped furry toy mimics the feel of a real human heartbeat. The effect is strangely soothing-great as a gift for a faraway loved one. $120;