The Weekly Goods

The hottest tech around for the week of December 11, 2006

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Solid Sleep

A camper´s dreams can deflate right along with a punctured mattress. This self-inflating pad has a thin bottom layer of protective polyethylene foam to resist thorns but still roll up small. Therm-a-Rest ToughSkin $120;

Energy Sucker

Still having a hard time believing that lowering your thermostat a couple measly degrees is going to save the world? This monitor attaches to your home's electricity meter and displays exactly how much energy your entire home is sucking up in real time, in a form we can all understand-good ol' dollars and cents. Once you realize you actually can afford that vacation if only you ease up on the heat, you´ll find energy-conserving incentives everywhere you look. **PowerCost Monitor $150; **

Shuffle Mate

The tiny goodness that is the new iPod Shuffle is drastically impaired by the lack of its predecessor´s integrated USB connector. But thanks to this inexpensive adapter, the Shuffle can now be connected to (and draw power from) any USB port without having to carry around its dock and cable **IncipioBud $6; **

Left Behind

Poor lefties, what with their propensity to die from freak scissor accidents and their unwieldy tollbooth experiences. Not to mention the difficulty of sharing a computer with someone from the larger right-handed world. A switch on the back of this mouse reverses the buttons instantly, making the rough life of a lefty just a little bit smoother. Elecom M-EKURDR $22;

Oh Brother, Where Art I?

As much as we´d like to pretend we´re above the tug of portable videogames, we´re really not. We too have wandered down the street in a Madden-induced haze only to look up two hours later and realize we´ve crossed state lines and are utterly lost. That´s when the GPS receiver for the PSP comes in super handy. Keep it clipped on, and you´ll always be able to find your way back to the real world†well, in a manner of speaking. **PSP GPS Receiver $60; **

Modern Classic

Upgrade to a digital camera without throwing out half a century´s worth of gear. This 10.3-megapixel rangefinder digicam fits nearly all lenses made with Leica M mounts, the longest-running lens series. Leica M8 $4,800;