The Weekly Goods

The hottest tech around for the week of August 28, 2006

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Diminutive Disc-Corder

The smallest DVD camcorder, nearly pocket-size, also records to dual-layer DVDs for double the storage. Get up to 220 minutes of standard-definition video and capture two-megapixel stills. Canon DC22; $800

Photo Flipbook

Send a brief video clip worthy of memorializing, and the company will send you back a custom flipbook-sort of like the karate-fighting stick-figure type you used to make, only made of archival paper and ink. FlipClips; $9

Hybrid TV Tuner

A missing link for many Mac (especially Mini) users, this bargain USB 2.0 tuner grabs analog (via cable or antenna) and digital (via antenna only) signals for watching, pausing, and recording uncompressed live TV. Although it will work with most relatively new Mac models, watching high-definition content requires a beefy processor such as dual G5 chips or an Intel Core Duo. **Elgato EyeTV Hybrid; $150 **

Annihilate Wrinkles

Instead of just heating water, this iron employs a steam generator-a tiny piston that vaporizes hot water-to produce up to 40 grams of steam per minute. That´s more than any other iron with a water tank. Siemens Steam Iron; $126