The Weekly Goods

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PopSci's esteemed "The Goods" section-the place to go for the hottest tech products around-is now coming to you once a week on Launch the gallery here.

Gimme Shelter

Utterly nullifying what is usually a frustrating assembly process, Quechua´s 2-Second Tent snaps into shape as quickly as it takes to fall to earth (that´s 9.8m/s/s to you and me). Take it from its bag, toss it like a Frisbee, and it auto-magic-ally pops open, ready for two residents. Stake it down and relax inside, pondering the ingenuity of French design. Quechua 2-Second Air; $69

Long Live the Laptop

The company that protects much of Hollywood´s film gear now offers a heavy-duty laptop case. The HardBack is waterproof, dustproof and airtight, and can withstand a six-foot drop. Pelican 1080 HardBack $100;


Screw this lightweight, flexible tripod to the base of any SLR camera (or even compact point-and-shoots) and get shots you´d ordinarily have to skip using cumbersome standard-size sticks. It´s brawny enough to hold a camera steady even for vertical shots and has a quick-release plate for easy stowing when you´re, say, high-tailing it away from a silverback. Joby GorillaPodSLR; $49.95

Simplify Your Morning

Sip your java while checking the weather on this coffee maker´s three-inch LCD screen-it´s updated automatically using free MSN Direct service. Melitta Smart Mill & Brew Coffee Maker $200;

Fitness-Friendly Player

Beyond its lithe form and ultralight weight (.9 ounce), Sony´s latest digital audio player has a slew of novel features aimed at athletic types. Like most other DAPs, the Sony NW-S203 can store and play most popular music files (on 1 gig of memory; the 205 has 2 gigs); it also has a one-line OEL display and an FM tuner built-in. What moves us is the onboard sensor that detects motion, and so lets you use it as a pedometer (it can track burnt calories), as well as auto-switch between music playlists as you pick up the pace-or slow down, as the case may be. Sony NW-S203; $120 ($150 for 2GB version)

Network(ed) TV

The first with an integrated Wi-Fi receiver and a built-in media browser, this 37-inch LCD TV automatically detects videos, music files and digital photos on your computer and plays them on the set. HP MediaSmart TV $3,000;

Photo Finisher

An attractive, easy-to-use portable media player for watching video or listening to music, the Elite is a godsend for photo enthusiasts. When a PC isn´t handy, download pics from your memory card and view them on its crisp 3.6-inch LCD. Digital Foci Picture Porter Elite PPE-360; $449 ($549 for 80 gig)

Fortunate Sun

Along with the launch of their new media-centric mobile service (unlimited media and text messaging with every account; a MySpace plugin), Helio also sells swank phones. The Hero has a big 2.2-inch screen, a 2 megapixel camera, built-in stereo speakers, and the ability to play video and audio. Helio Hero; $275

Media Mogul

This smaller-than-a-shoebox Media Center PC is the best-and best-looking-candidate yet for inclusion in your home entertainment setup. With a whopping 400-gig hard drive, 2gigs of RAM, DVI out, a digital and over-the-air HD tuner built-in (with antenna), DVD burner, Wi-Fi and 5.1 surround out, among other connections, it´s a complete package. Its mobile processor is alas too weak for gaming, though thoughtful perks include pre-configuration for your particular cable or satellite system, and access to your own personal customer service rep. Blueado Mini m5E Sport Edition; $1999

The Silencer

Similar to the popular Bose models-but at less than half the price-these around-the-ear cans from Logitech block ambient noise so that all you hear is sweet, sweet music. Or, if you prefer, turn them on but unplug the audio cable and get some quality quiet time while on a plane, train or at the office. Logitech Noise Canceling Headphones; $149.99