Thanks to advances in consumer tech, daily activities like stirring your coffee and ironing your clothes just might become obsolete. Think what you could do with all the extra time and energy you´ll save by not mowing your lawn or mopping your floors. You could write the great American novel, or start working on a cure for cancer. Or catch a few _M.A.S.H. _rerunsâ€

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So much easier than bribing a teenager to mow your lawn: Just tell the RoboMower when to work. It’ll automatically leave its docking station, cut the grass (and mulch it, so there´s no raking required), then plug itself back in to recharge for the next scheduled trim. (

Self-Stirring Mug

This mug contains a miniature, battery-operated propeller that spins your beverage at 3,000rpms. No dirty spoons around the office, and no more cramped fingers from vigorous stirring. (What? We like our coffee frothy, okay?) (

Ondine ESS Tub Control

Like having a personal butler: Preset your bath-time temperature and water-level preferences, then walk away and return for a steamy tub o´ relaxation. (

Motorized Pool Lounger

When it comes to lazy, this chair takes the cake. Now you don´t even have to paddle yourself around the pool-a battery-powered motor does it for you. (

LazyDrinker Automated Beverage Server

More computer geek than mixologist? Perfect! Just fill this retro-fitted Igloo with bottles of your favorite beverages, connect to your laptop with a serial port and let the automated system pour your favorite cocktails. See what happens when the PopSci staff puts the Lazy Drinker to the test.


No one actually likes to mop. They say it’s a dirty job, but somebody has to do it. We say, let that somebody be a robot. We’ll be outside in the hammock drinking beer. Later! (


Exercise, schmexercise. Turn your bicycle into a cruising machine and travel up to 20 mph effortlessly, with this wheel-mounted two-stroke internal-combustion engine. (

LG Steamwasher

Never iron again! Well, unless you crave pants with creases. The LG Steamwasher doesn’t press clothes, but it does shave crucial minutes from your morning routine. Just toss your duds in and hit the steam cycle to get them fresh and wrinkle-free in no time flat. (