1. HP iPaq h6315 PocketPC
This PDA-lookalike gets even bigger when you add its separate snap-on thumb keyboard, but its massive screen and built-in Wi-Fi make it a pretty trusty laptop replacement.
$500; T-Mobile

2. Audiovox XV6600
The biggest of the bunch, it skips Wi-Fi in favor of Verizon´s high-speed EV-DO network, which means large-screen surfing at broadband speeds. The backlit slide-out keypad is best suited to smaller fingers.
$550â€$600; Verizon

3. Samsung i730
About two thirds the size of other PocketPC models, the next-gen i730 operates on the EV-DO network and has a slide-out thumb keyboard.
Price and carrier not set

4. Nokia 6620
Looking more like a plain cellphone, the 6620 is a good starter smartphone. Its Symbian 60 OS makes transferring data,
photos and music drag-and-drop easy.
$200â€$400; Cingular

5. Audiovox SMT5600
This phone is tiny compared with its peers. Display e-mail and Word documents, which are easily navigated with the control pad, while the music player and camera keep you entertained.
$300; Cingular

6. PalmOne Treo 650
This upgrade to the popular Treo 600 adds Bluetooth, a higher-resolution display and a smaller profile to the simple Palm OS and very usable Qwerty thumbpad that made the first one such a hit.
$450â€$600; Sprint and Cingular

7. Nokia 9300
Closed, this phone looks and acts like an oversize candy bar. But flip it open horizon-tally, and you´ll find a Web-page-wide display and huge keyboard. It´s one of the best phones available for browsing and document editing.
Price not set; direct from Nokia; works with Cingular and T-Mobile

8. Motorola MPx220
This traditional flip phone may seem too small for business, but with a one-megapixel camera, mini-SD
card slot to hold documents and photos, and Windows Mobile for Smartphones, it is plenty capable. It also works on overseas GSM networks.
$460; Cingular

9. Sony Ericsson P910
Nominally a flip phone with a tiny detachable keypad, the P910 relies primarily on its touchscreen. The large display, MP3 player and Memory Stick Duo slot make this
a good phone for movies and music.
$500; direct from Sony; works with Cingular and T-Mobile

10. Sierra Wireless Voq
The Voq has taken some flak for its bulky design, but the unique keyboard that flips out of the bottom third of the phone is surprisingly usable. It also sports a full-size SD-card expansion slot for moving files and music to and from the device.
$460â€$500; Cingular