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Phillip Torrone – The Gadget Geek

Phil is the essential early adopter, and his Seattle home is brimming with gadgets, many of them connected or modified in strange ways–his “geek gym” allows him to read RSS feeds or play Xbox while he’s on the treadmill; his hacked Aibo might be the world’s first blogging robot dog; his Roomba checks on his cats while he’s away. Part of the original Apple Newton development team, Phil has written several books on interface design and creating mobile device applications. He’s currently the director of product development for Fallon Worldwide, where he helped create the classic BMWFilms series. Follow Phil’s latest obsessions at his site,

Scott Fullam – The Hack Master

When Scott was 10, he built an intruder detection system to keep his sister out of his room, and hasn’t stopped hacking and building since. He is the author of the excellent Hardware Hacking Projects for Geeks from O’Reilly, which includes instructions for projects such as a video periscope for your car and an internet-connected coffee maker. After earning two degrees from MIT, Scott worked for Apple’s Advanced Technology Group and as a toy designer (he’s responsible for an early talking Barbie). He is now an independent consultant for consumer electronics companies.

Mikkel Aaland and John Carnett – The Camera Geeks

Mikkel is a pro photographer and the author of several books on digital photography, including the recent Shooting Digital: Pro Tips for Taking Great Pictures with Your Digital Camera. Mikkel’s personal site is John is PopSci’s award-winning staff photographer of 12 years, and is himself a devoted technophile. See more of John’s work at Check out the fruits of their recent collaboration in the June H2.0 piece “Battle of the Prosumer Digitals” and read Mikkel’s extended reviews of each camera (along with studio test shots by John) here.

Timothy Brown and Gordon Sheldon – The Robotics Geeks

Representing the low- and high-tech ends of the robotics world, Tim is robotics program manager for motherboard maker VIA and editor of the blog, while Gordon has spent his life building robots from scavenged consumer electronics’ parts. A retired electronics engineer, Gordon teaches a class on beginner robotics building at a local Montana college and recently shared one of his creations on TechTV. Tim, meanwhile, is based in Taiwan and spends his days checking out the robotics community’s latest high-tech applications of VIA’s ever-shrinking and ever-more-powerful robotics motherboards.

Sree Sreenivasan – The Web Geek

Sree constantly combs the web for the most useful sites out there and links to most of them on his site, He hosts the “Tech Guru” segments on WABC-TV in New York and writes a weekly column on the Web for journalists through In his offline life, he’s a professor of new media at Columbia University.