by Courtesy Innovative Design Solutions

Halloween is one of the only times when it’s socially acceptable to scare the bejesus out of little children, and the time-tested best way to do it is with a haunted house. But nothing makes your amateur fright farm seem more like a joke than bad sound. Until recently, most garage crypt-keepers relied on cheesy effects tapes to terrify the tykes. Time to get with the 21st century.

Chips International‘s wallet-size Superseller ($50) lets you record up to 20 seconds of shrieks, creaks and moans, then plays them back when triggered by a motion sensor. End result: perfectly timed screams and petrified visitors.

The battery- or AC-adapter-operated Superseller comes with a line-in jack and onboard mike for recording, a line-out for amplification, and a reset timer to keep the shrieks from getting repetitive during high-traffic times. Sound effects can be retained indefinitely without power, and a swivel-type mounting bracket makes temporary installation easy.

For a DIY visual to complement the Superseller, Gore Galore offers a $35 â€corpsification” kit for making your very own real live fake corpse. The package includes flesh-colored latex, special cotton matting and other materials. This art project of the damned can morph a flimsy $20 fake skeleton into a mass of hideous rotting remains. Who wants some candy?