by From top: Courtesy Dcs; John B. Carnett; Courtesy Coleman Products

When it comes to pure barbecue flavor, nothing beats the black kettle and the pile of costly hardwood charcoal. Gas grills make everyday barbecuing a lot more likely, though, and the multiburner models allow cooks to prepare the whole meal outdoors, side dishes and all. At the high end are the mighty gas giants, with powerful burners, flavor-trapping wizardry, and awesome looks. Coleman, meanwhile, continues to tweak its products in smart, fun ways.

Dynamic Cooking System’s 48″ BGA Series Grill
This mammoth furnace offers far more BBQ than anyone could possibly need, which is what we love about this heavyweight from DCS ($5,244; And the embellishments aren’t just for show: For example, a grease management system diverts oils and grease away from flames and into a removable drip tray; a ceramic rotisserie burner lays 15,000 BTUs of heat onto your chicken and a smoker tray keeps wood chips burning over a dedicated 3,500-BTU burner.

Coleman 9000i Console Grill

Even though it looks as if it landed on your back patio from an X-Files episode, this three-headed grill ($999; is one of the more versatile barbecues around. Besides its twin burners in the center, two independently controlled side burners provide a total of three cooking spaces. The side tables also serve as warmers, so you can time your dishes and don’t have that back-and-forth shuffle that cooks often have to do.

Coleman Coolbox
Coolers and radios haven’t teamed up much in the past, but why not? Think about it-the nine out of 10 times you need a cooler, you probably need a radio too. Coleman’s combo ($250; means you have one less thing to carry. Up to nine cans, or six bottles, can be stored alongside a three-speaker CD player and radio, all in a retro design that makes the cooler as nice to look at as it is to listen to.