Photographs by John B. Carnett

Who hasn’t pondered: If only I could talk, instant message, and take pictures with one device? Well, if you have, now you can. Sony Ericsson’s P800 PDA-cellphone combo has a built-in digital camera. RIM is getting into the combo act with the BlackBerry 5810. It looks like a regular BlackBerry but it’s also a cellphone. Meanwhile, Audiovox’s Thera adds fully functional PocketPC software to cellphone capabilities.

1. **Sony

Ericsson P800** (center)

Key feature: Digital cam can snap, then e-mail, photos

Price: Depends

on service provider

2. Audiovox Thera (bottom left)


feature: It’s a phone, it’s a fully functional PDA

Price: $800 from


3. **Rim

Blackberry 5810** (bottom right)



Now you

can call or instant


Price: $499 from VoiceStream and AT&T