Photography by John B. Carnett

1. Electronic Pinball Arcade
Build a pinball machine with sound, a scoreboard, and ball lift. Then convert it to a soccer game instead.

Price: $90

2. Hummer H2 Spycam

Record and transmit images to a remote LCD.

Price: $400

3. All-Pro quarterback Passer
Pick a delay time, press hike, and start running. This machine can toss a football 70 feet. Or enter special plays like hail marys.
Price: $40

4. Spy Tracker system
Place motion sensors within 75 feet-it’ll let you know if one is tripped.
Price: $20

5. Cindy Smart
OK, it’s a doll, but it’s the first that can read handwritten letters, short words, numbers, and basic equations. It can even tell time.
Price: $99

6. Eye-Lock Room Guard
Set the alarm code by blinking into a viewfinder. Repeat to unlock. Two wrong tries triggers the alarm.
Price: $20