When Bluetooth hit the scene in 1999,
it promised the seamless and wireless transfer of information among cellphones, PDAs, and other devices. Unfortunately, it hasn’t happened yet. When will Bluetooth become everyday reality?

Random person on the street

5 to 10 Years: “If at all-the trend is toward multiuse

-Stan Zukowski, Emmaus, Pennsylvania

Visitors to

1 to 3 Years: 32%; 3 to 5 Years: 24%; 5 to 10 Years: 15%

Man on the inside

1 to 3 Years: “The key is price, and it wasn’t until last year that it dropped to the target $5 per chip.”

-Oscar Koenders, Toshiba

Our take

3 Years: “Wide distribution will take time, and manufacturers have to get Bluetooth to work without you having to think about it.”