Things to Buy for the Love of Pi

Now that March 14 has been officially recognized by Congress, what do you want for Pi Day? PopSci shopping expert Amy Geppert presents her picks

Slice of…

Too busy memorizing up to the 67,891st digit of our favorite mathematical constant (good luck, potential world-champ) to bake your own treat? Save and order one of Zingerman’s delicious pies. Better yet, sample their three hard-hitters at once with the Nosher Pie Party, which includes pecan, chocolate chess, and cranberry walnut pies. ($50)

Shut Your Pi-Holder

Lady-geeks will be proud to tote all those books to class in this cute homage to the only mathematical constant with a holiday. Forget mnemonics: machine-washable cotton makes this the easiest time you’ll probably ever have with pi. ($25)

Step in Pi

Who has time to tie laces when you’ve got circumferences on the brain? Slip into these pi-bedecked Keds and you’ll be walking on cloud 3.14159… ($67.50)

The Big Chill

What better way to cap off Pi Day than with a nightcap — on the pi rocks? Whip up one of ThinkGeek’s delightfully nerdy Pi-tinis and don’t forget the coup de grace of pi-shaped ice cubes. ($8.99)

Clean as a Pi

Slough away dirt and let your inner math dweeb shine through with these great glycerin soaps. This sample pack of eight pi(e)-inspired fragrances — including pumpkin, key lime, apple, and banana cream — is sure to wet your whistle. ($8)

Pi Kids

Got a little genius on the way? Set your baby on the track to geek-goddess status with this adorable embroidered bib. ($10)

Pi One On

Who knew pi could be so snazzy? Impress the geek-chic ladies with this pi tie. Really impress them if you can recite pi to the 50th decimal without peeking at the tie for help. ($24.95)

E = Albert Einstein’s Birthday

It’s not just Pi Day, it’s also the day the world welcomed one of its most esteemed scientists. Wish Einstein a happy birthday by writing your research findings in this recycled-book journal. ($6.50) Not enough celebration for you? Check out this hat and scarf set that turns the wearer into the physicist’s doppelganger. ($40.00)