The New Amazon Kindle

An ebook reader that's slim, handsome, and easier to use

Kindle 2 Debut

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos dispalys the new Kindle 2.0.

Kindle 2 Design

The new, ultra-thin Kindle has a better screen and much better navigation.

Kindle 2.0

The new Kindle has better controls and layout.

Ultra Thin

Kindle 2.0 is a scant 0.38 inches think and weighs just 10.2 ounces.

Kindle 2 Screen Quality

The Kindle 2.0’s 16-shade grayscale screen (up from four shades in the first version) delivers far better-looking photos.

Screen Quality 2

Another good-looking photo on the new e-ink screen.


Author Stephen King reads his new novella Ur from the Kindle 2.0.

In the Pink

Author Stephen King holding the one-of-a-kind pink Kindle inspired by the model owned by the protagonist in his infomercial novella Ur.