Introducing Android

At long last, a Google phone


The spacious keyboard under the slide-out screen prompted one journalist to call the phone the “Sidekick 4” referring to T-Mobile’s popular phone for the messaging obsessed.

The Competition

The G1 flanked by the Blackberry Bold smartphone on left and the Apple iPhone 3G on right.

Portly profile

Thickness is one place where the G1 doesn’t copy the iPhone.

Boyz N the Hood

Google founders Larry Page and Sergei Brinn sporting their G1s. Sergey said that the first app he wrote for the phone was one that uses the built-in accelerometer to determine how long it takes the phone to land after you throw it up in the air. The hardware maker wasn’t too happy about that app.

Apps Aplenty

The platform is already chock-a-block with applications available for download.

Soviet Bloc(ky)

The consensus at the event seemed to be that the phone was a fairly cheap-feeling device.

An iPhone Killer?

Nevertheless, it’s generating buzz.