We’ve seen portable HD power in the Tegra-powered ZuneHD, but now it’s someone else’s move. And it appears Samsung is ready to take a swing. At the Samsung Mobile Solutions Forum in Taipei, the company announced a package of drool-worthy mobile components that could lead to one smokin’, high-def playin’, 3D gamin’ device.

First up are two new 1GHz provessors. The S5PC110 (catchy, right?) is geared for media-heavy smartphones and will be able to handle 3D gaming and full 1080p high-def playback without draining the battery. Its cousin (the SSPV210) will likely end up in netbooks. Both processors will have built-in HDMI1.3 support to output video to an HDTV.A new OneDRAM chipset also means super-fast data transfer speeds (20 percent faster than its predecessor, Samsung claims).

Now for display and capture: Their new 5-megapixel camera is capable of recording 1080p video at 30fps, and new screen technology points to fully capacitive touchscreen support — that means multi-touch potential.

Though none of these components have been tied to specific devices, Samsung is already starting to produce them in small batches and will have more mass rollout in the beginning of 2010.

[via The Boy Genius Report]