The Computer Glitch As Art

Who says there's no beauty in making your computer spaz out on screen? In new book Glitch: The Design of Imperfection over 200 contributors took inspiration from those silicon freakouts to provide beautiful visuals that make the Windows BSOD look like the cold authoritarian artifact that it is.

Glitch was created over four years and actually had another 700 submissions that weren't used. It features a range of images, some of which look like they could be on a computer screen, and some that are too crazy to possibly to be real. The book is scheduled for release this month, see the gallery for more plates, and pre-order at: [Designing Imperfection via ffffound]

Glitch: The Cover
Glitch contains 200 photos of error-inspired art.Thames & Hudson
Glitchy Screens
Some images look like they were pulled from a computer with SERIOUS problems...Thames & Hudson
Glitchy Interpretations
...others, not so much.Thames & Hudson
Video Glitch
There were over 900 images submitted over four years.Thames & Hudson
Artistic Mistakes
Glitch took over four years to make.Thames & Hudson
Digital Vomit
The Windows BSOD has nothing on some of these contributions to Glitch.Thames & Hudson