Sony can now add a feather to their cap; their new e-reader, the Touch Edition (PRS-600), does something Amazon’s Kindle can’t. The Touch’s 6-inch screen can capture handwritten notes, which are exportable and saveable.

Like last year’s PRS-700, the $300 Touch uses a combination of e-ink and resistive touch technology to allow swiping page turns, text highlights, and tap menu navigation–in addition to notes support. When you write on the Touch with a stylus, its resistive touch panel registers the movements, calculates the coordinates of the contact, and then translates it into “ink” which is drawn on the book page—a real pen-on-paper experience.

Sony’s also announced the $200 Pocket Edition, which has a 5-inch screen, enough memory for up to 350 books, and two weeks of battery life.

Both readers will be available at the end of August.