Samsung TL225

Could the end of poorly framed nostril shots be nigh? Samsung today announced two cameras with second, front LCDs that let you preview your shots while still facing the lens. The TL225 and TL220 both feature a 1.5-inch, 280-by-220-pixel screens that can preview shots, display a timer countdown, or play animations to get the kiddies to smile.

The higher-end TL225 has two things the TL220 doesn’t: a 3.5-inch haptic touch screen (the 220’s is only 3 inches) and an HDMI out. Both cameras shoot 720p HD video and have 12 megapixels and 4.6x zoom. The TL225 will run $350 and the 220 is $200.

Our cohorts at Popular Photography spent a little time with Samsung’s whole new lineup. Here’s their hands-on demo:

Also new from Samsung is the CL65, which is the company’s first connected camera. The camera is WI-Fi-, Bluetooth- and GPS-enabled to allow for easy mobile uploads and geotagging. You can send photos and video directly to sharing sites like Picasa or Facebook or e-mail them from its 3.5-inch touch screen. This one’ll cost ya $400.


Samsung CL65

All three cameras will be available in September.