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Leander over at Cult of Mac has been busy doing some iPod sleuthing, and stumbled upon plenty of Chinese-made cases for the forthcoming iPod updates. What did he find? Cameras!

Well, maybe not actual cameras. But he found that every new case he came across for the iPod touch/nano had consistent designs for housing a camera, which almost certainly means that the new iPods we’ll see in the fall will be able to snap some photos (and in the case of the iTouch, hopefully video). Obviously these don’t give away any tech specs, so we can’t predict too much, but it’s interesting to see yet another line blur between the iPhone and iPod touch.

The form factor of these new iPods seems to be relatively unchanged, but the iPod touch has a center-aligned camera, which differs a bit from the iPhone. The nano’s camera is aligned along the right side of the device’s back.

[via Cult of Mac via Gizmodo]