Palm Pre Goes On Sale June 6

The iPhone's stiffest competition yet will hit in just over two weeks

We’ve been waiting almost five months for the Palm Pre smartphone to hit stores. Now Sprint has finally announced the details: In two and a half weeks, you’ll be able to get the Pre for $200 (after a $100 mail-in rebate) in stores around the country. If you don’t have a Sprint retail outlet in your town, not to worry. Best Buy, RadioShack, Sprint’s online store, and even some Wal-Marts will carry the phone, too.

To start making calls on your brand-new ringer, you’ll need to sign up for two years of service on a plan that starts at $70 a month (Sprint’s Everything Data or Business Essential with Messaging and Data plans). You can also pick up an inductive charging dock, plus a case for the Pre that lets it grab power from the dock, for $70.

For more on the Pre’s tech, check out our coverage of the original announcement and our article on its social-networking features. And before you head out to the store, check back for our hands-on impressions.